Final report

The final report should be composed of two filled-out templates and substantial proof.


Uploading the report

You must use our templates for the final report. You can download these in our Portal (login first). After you fill out the templates, you will need to upload them to our Portal and add substantial proof.


In our Portal there are three upload fields:

  1. a narrative questionnaire
  2. a financial Excel spreadsheet
  3. substantial proof


Narrative questionnaire

This template shall comprise a substantive report summarizing the results achieved.


Financial spreadsheet

The financial spreadsheet shall contain:

  • the total amount of the advances issued by the JHF;
  • the total amount of funds provided by the grantee and third parties, and a specification of the third parties;
  • an itemized list of expenditures related to the project, compared to the itemized list of expenditures as stated in the project's budget.
  • an itemized list of revenues related to the project, compared to the itemized list of revenues as stated in the project's budget.


Substantial proof

You will need to provide substantial proof that the project took place, e.g.: 

  • pictures, flyers, posters, and similar, can be uploaded to our Portal as one compressed .zip or .rar file (15 MB max). Please do not provide links to folders online, such as Google Drive.
  • books need to be sent to our office.
  • links to apps, social media, or videos should be mentioned in the narrative questionnaire.


Current Liabilities

Current Liabilities will expire and be canceled after five years, which means that if a project is not finished within five years and if we have not received a final report of the project, the organization must refund all the payments it has received.