Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund

 enhances Jewish Life in Central and Eastern Europe


The JHF supports organizations and projects directed to:

  • Building up and ensuring the continuity of Jewish communities in the field of culture, transfer of know-how, and reinforcement of the immaterial infrastructure;
  • Facilitating Jewish education;
  • Promoting mutual respect between people.



Grant applications can be submitted online once a year. Please note that the deadline for uploading applications is July 1st, 2024*


* Ukrainian organizations are exempt from this deadline and can apply throughout the entire year of 2024. 


Note: since 2022, Ukrainian organizations have been exempted from our July 1st deadline, but this changes soon as this exemption ends on December 31st, 2024. If you're planning a regular project for 2025, make sure to apply by then.

Starting in 2025, you’ll need to stick to the July 1st deadline for regular projects beginning in 2026.


Regular projects in Ukraine in short:

 Deadline to apply  
 Throughout the year 2024  Projects taking place in 2024
 Deadline December 31st, 2024  Projects taking place in 2025
 Deadline July 1st, 2025  Projects taking place on or after January 1st, 2026