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Our current deadline for new applications is July 1st, 2023. Before applying, please read our important notes concerning the covid19-crisis and the war in Ukraine:


Important notes: 

  • All applications must add a plan B (one paragraph) in case the Covid-19 crisis is not over in 2024! Upload plan B as a supplement to the planning/program.
  • Due to the war in Ukraine, the following extra rules apply:


For Ukrainian organizations:

Ukrainian organizations can request funding for humanitarian aid and also for regular projects.


Humanitarian aid

Requests for humanitarian aid can be sent to us by email at It should be noted that we only provide humanitarian aid support to organizations that we have supported in the past and who provide a solid request.


Grant applications for regular projects

Until further notice, Ukrainian organizations do not have to adhere to our deadline of July 1st. They can file requests for funding of one regular project throughout the year (July 2022-July 2023) via our application form in the portal. 


For Russian organizations:

Russian organizations can apply for a regular grant. Still, they must be aware that there is a possibility that payments cannot be transferred by the JHF due to the international sanctions against Russia. 


For Belarusian organizations:

Belarusian organizations can apply for a regular grant but must be aware that transferring amounts to Belarus is challenging. Be aware that you might not be able to receive our grant.



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