Required documents

Please note the following important instructions for the application form. You must upload up to 11 documents, so be sure to gather them before proceeding with your application.


Important notes:

  • Due to the war in Ukraine, additional rules apply
  • The project budget, financial templates, activity report, and curriculum must be in English. Other documents can be in the local language.
  • Use Latin script (also for filenames!).
  • Only use the most recent templates provided for the project budget and the financial templates.
  • The maximum file size allowed for each document is 15 MB.


Below is a list of the required documents along with their allowed file types, required language, and a brief explanation:

# Required documents



Download templates Required language Explanation
1. Project budget .xls, .xlsx project budget template English The budget outlines the expected costs and funding plan for your proposed project.


Download a sample budget with instructions.
2. Annual Financial Report 2023 .doc, .docx, .pdf   Local language allowed The report should include the following:
  • a balance sheet
  • income and expenditure table;
  • explanatory notes (if available).
 3. Annual Financial Report 2022 .doc, .docx, .pdf   Local language allowed (see above)
 4. Financial template 2023 .xls, .xlsx financial template English This template summarizes your organization's income and expenditure table, including exchange rates (local currency vs. euro). The template calculates the euro amounts automatically. (If the local currency is already the euro, fill out 1 in the exchange rate field).


Download a sample financial template with instructions.
 5. Financial template 2022 .xls, .xlsx financial template English (see above) 
 6.  Activity Report 2023 .doc, .docx, .pdf   English This report should focus on showcasing all the activities, significant changes, and accomplishments of the previous year. If your organization does not have an official activity report, please submit an informal report instead.
 7. Curriculum .doc, .docx, .pdf   English This document should include a (draft) curriculum, limited to two A4 pages.
 8. Safeguarding policy statement .doc, .docx, .pdf   Local language allowed This document details the policy, measures and guidelines of your organization to ensure the welfare and protection of individuals involved in the activities of your organization. See example.
 9. Registration certificate .doc, .docx, .pdf   Local language allowed Please note that if you have applied before and there have been no legal changes, resubmitting this document is unnecessary.
 10. Articles of association .doc, .docx, .pdf   Local language allowed Just like the registration certificate, if there have been no legal changes since your previous application, there is no need to resend this document.
11. Auditor's report .doc, .docx, .pdf   Local language allowed (if available)