Our Mission




The Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund (JHF) is a philanthropic foundation committed to strengthening Jewish communities in central and Eastern Europe. Our primary focus is on supporting programs and initiatives that enhance Jewish education and strengthen Jewish communal life. We believe in making a real difference in the lives of Jewish people in these regions and are helping to ensure a vibrant and resilient Jewish future.


The JHF is dedicated to supporting the next generation of Jewish leaders and community members. We aim to ensure vibrant and thriving Jewish communities for generations to come through our support of programs and initiatives that promote Jewish knowledge and values among young people.

Our Logo



The award policy of the Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund is based on the principles of human rights and tzedakah. 


Tzedakah is not a privilege but a moral right. The aim of tzedakah is to establish a just society. These principles are embedded in the Jewish tradition. In Leviticus XIX (9) is the admonition 'not [to] wholly reap the corners of thy field' but to leave them for the poor.


Our logo (a rectangle with a corner cut off) symbolizes these values.