Application Guidelines

Filling in your application

You make your application in our online system:

Current deadline

Your application form, together with the relevant documents, must be submitted before July 1st 2017. This deadline will be strictly adhered to.

Supporting documents

See this page on our website concerning the supporting documents.

Confirmation e-mail

After sending in the application form, including the supporting documents, you will get a confirmation email and a link to your application form.

Practical information

  • Applications should be made for Projects starting after January 1st of the following year;
  • Organizations can apply for a one-year project;
  • Organizations can only submit one application per year. If an organization submits more than one application, the JHF will not take any of the applications into consideration and all applications will be deemed rejected.
  • The maximum grant request shall not exceed € 10,000 Euro;
  • The geographic focus is Central and Eastern Europe;
  • The JHF has the intention to inform the applicants about the Board’s decisions in the first weeks of December 2017.

Disbursement Regulations
Details about applying, evaluation criteria, requirements for applicants, settlements, and other matters appear in the Disbursement Regulations of the Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund. By applying for a grant, applicants accept the Disbursement Regulations.