Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund JHF

Enhances Jewish life in Central and Eastern Europe

JHF supports organizations and projects:
  • Building and ensuring the continuity of Jewish communities, in fields including
    culture, knowledge transfer and enhancement of the non material infrastructure
  • Facilitating Jewish education
  • Promoting mutual respect between people

Grant applications can be submitted once a year through our application form on this website.

Please be aware that applications must be in our office no later than July 1st 2017.

Zomerstage 2017

Voor Nederlandse studenten hebben we een fantastische stage! Ontdek en beleef Joods leven in Midden- en Oost-Europa en bezoek voor ons deze zomer verschillende organisaties in bijvoorbeeld Oekraïne, Rusland, Wit-Rusland en Hongarije! Lees meer…