Who is Eligible to Apply for a Grant?

Which organizations and/or projects are the most likely to be awarded a grant?

  • Projects for young people will have our preference.
  • Organizations and projects, which are
    • dedicated to building and ensuring the continuity of Jewish communities in the areas of culture, Jewish traditions and heritage, knowledge transfer, and enhancement of non-capital infrastructure;
    • dedicated to Jewish education;
    • promoting mutual respect between people;
    • with substantial co-financing and own contribution;
    • most likely to achieve their objectives;
    • going to have broad based effectiveness for the money invested.
  • Local organizations in Central and Eastern Europe have a strong preference. Organizations should not be registered in the Netherlands. Organizations cannot have its activities in The Netherlands and may not be related to the Dutch-Jewish community in Israel.
  • Project grants requested by private institutions/organizations will receive preference over project grants requested by public or semi-public institutions/organizations.

Applicants should note that:

  • Receiving a grant from the JHF requires that at least 50% of the total budget for a project must be covered by co-funding and/or own contribution. (Thus, if you request the JHF in the application form a grant for more than 50%, your application will be rejected.)
    • Small organizations with less than 10,000 Euro total expenses annually, are exempted from this rule. However, in that case, 20% of the project budget should be covered by third parties and/or own contribution. (Thus, if you – as representative of a small organization – request the JHF in the application form a grant for more than 80%, your application will be rejected.)
  • It is not the Fund’s intention to approve applications for organizations whose primary purpose is to disburse direct or indirect grants.
  • The Fund would expect that the bank account for remittances of a grant be in a bank located in the country of the organization’s registration or the residence of the applicant. Exceptions to this are subject to the prior approval of the Fund.
  • It is not the intention of the Fund to provide material support for Holocaust survivors.
  • Applications for capital infrastructure will not be awarded.
  • The Fund does not fund private initiatives or individuals.
  • The Fund does not fund Holocaust education for Jews.
  • In principle it is not the Fund’s intention to approve applications directed towards cleaning or restoration of graveyards.