Useful information for applicants

Applicants should note the following:


OrganizationsLocal organizations in Central and Eastern Europe have our strong preference. Organizations should not be registered in the Netherlands or other jurisdictions. Organizations cannot have its activities in The Netherlands and shall not be related to the Dutch-Jewish community in Israel.
It is not the JHF’s intention to approve applications for organizations whose primary purpose is to disburse direct or indirect grants.
Applications submitted by umbrella organizations will only be considered, if the proposed Project is implemented by the umbrella organization itself.
Project grants requested by private institutions/organizations will   receive preference over Project grants requested by public or semi-public institutions/organizations.
ProjectsProjects must fit the objectives of the JHF.
Applications will only be considered for Projects starting after January 1st of the following year
Receiving a grant from the JHF requires that at least 50% of the total budget for a Project must be covered by co-funding and/or an organization’s own contribution. Applications requesting JHF funding more than 50% of the Project cost, will be rejected. Small organizations with less than 10,000 Euro total expenses annually, are exempted from this 50% rule. However, in such a case, at least 20% of the Project budget should be funded by third parties and/or the organization’s own contribution. A small organization submitting an application requesting JHF funding of more than 80% of the Project cost will be rejected.
The beneficiary of the bank account must be the organization itself.
The budget must be realistic.
The Organization should not make a profit from the Project.
General remarksProjects for young people have a preference.
It is not the intention of the JHF to provide material support for Holocaust survivors.
Applications for capital infrastructure will not be awarded.
The JHF does not fund private initiatives or individuals.
The JHF does not support Holocaust education only for Jews.
In principle it is not the Fund’s intention to approve applications directed towards cleaning or restoration of graveyards.