EU Funding

EU Funding via Brussels

DG Justice, Liberty, and Security
Various programmes ranging from reduction of extremism, confronting discrimination, training for law enforcement, to improving participation of women and youth at risk.

DG Education and Culture MEDIA program
Culture programmes for artistic and media productions.
In the leaflet Creative Europe, one can read about the goals of the program and gives a general idea of the ways in which organisations can get involved.

EU Funding via National governments

Social Fund and national action plans for inclusion (DG Employment and Social Affairs)
Map of countries in which the European Social Fund is operating. See per country the projects the ESF is currently running there, and find contact information for the administering body in your country.
Giving a Chance to All is the ESF’s activity page on which the ways the ESF’s funds have been used to combat social exclusion, are outlined.

Progress grants for public authorities, with civil society, to combat discrimination (DG Employment and Social Affairs)
About PROGRESS Programme

Mobility grants for participation in European training and conferences (DG Education and Culture)
Calls for Proposals on the DG Education and Culture’s page

Transnational education projects (DG Education and Culture)
Erasmus+ programme has opportunities for a wide range of organisations including universities, education and training providers, think thanks, research organisations, and private businesses. Organisations wanting to participate in Erasmus+ may engage in a number of development and networking activities, including strategic improvement of the professional skills of their staff, organisational capacity building, and creating transnational cooperative partnerships with organisations from other countries in order to produce innovative outputs or exchange best practices.

European Voluntary Service (DG Education and Culture)
The European Voluntary Service is an opportunity for young people to travel outside of their own home country and to volunteer with organisations both inside and outside of the EU.

EEA grants
Strengthening bilateral relations is a primary objective of the EEA and Norway Grants. Strengthening ties between European countries brings mutual benefits for institutions and organisations in both the donor and beneficiary countries.